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2012 Natural Gas Car Conversion - Converting Gas Cars To CNG

With the millions of cars fueled by gasoline, how could we switch over to compressed natural gas cars?  Is the 2012 natural gas car conversion too expensive?  Part of that question may be answered by determining the age of the car and the miles the car has. 

Recently, a taxicab company in Omaha Nebraska converted 50 of its cars to compressed natural gas (CNG).  The cost of the conversion was about $10,000 per vehicle.  Their estimated savings is about $210 per week per vehicle.  At that rate, the payout would be approximately 11 months.  After that time, it would be like making an extra $840 per month per vehicle.  That would be an extra $42,000 per year profit.  Not too bad.

CNG Car Conversion Kits

Converting your car to CNG may not be as hard or expensive as you thought. Believe it or not, but a majority of all light and medium duty CNG vehicles on the roads today are a result of after-market certified CNG kits. You don’t have to purchase a new car to switch to Compressed Natural Gas.

If you are looking for a kit or for a company to do your conversion, there are two types of CNG fuel systems available. As with new CNG pickups, you have the option of going strictly with natural gas or you can choose to convert to a bi-fuel setup. What is nice about a bi-fuel car is that you don’t have to always find a CNG refueling station to gas up. Either fuel will get you where you need to go.

There are a number of reputable conversion companies all across the United States. But not just anyone can do a CNG conversion. Certified installers must comply with stringent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resource Board (CARB) requirements. As a result, it is also a good idea to see if your state follows EPA of CARB guidelines prior to purchasing a vehicle that has been converted or before trying to do a conversion.

Vehicles that have been converted to run strictly on CNG, the normal fuel capacity is typically equal or larger than the original gas tanks. Bi-fuel conversions will normally keep the original gas tank and add a smaller-capacity tank for CNG.

When it comes to trucks, the price of converting them to CNG runs closer to $20,000.  But, the miles driven in a year’s time could add up to major savings.  If you are seriously considering a Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV), the option is either buying a new CNG car off the lot or going with a natural gas car conversion 2012.  When trying to decide which to do, first check to see if your current vehicle has enough miles left to justify the cost of conversion.