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2013 Natural Gas Cars For Sale - Buy CNG Cars, Pickups And Vehicles

Look out world; here comes the most viable and available alternative to the fossil burning cars we now see on our roads. No! It isn’t an electric car; it isn’t even a solar car, or a hybrid car. But it is definitely GREEN. It’s the cleanest fuel burning car on the road today. In fact, if you replaced every other vehicle driven in America today with this one, you wouldn’t have any pollution to speak of. That’s right; it’s that clean. We’re talking about Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) cars for sale. If you want to buy a CNG car, you have come to the right web site. Although currently the US only has one commercially produced 2013 natural gas car for sale that is available to non-fleet customers, it’s only the beginning of a good thing to come.

New technologies sometimes catch on more slowly, but once the advantages of these vehicles catch on, their popularity should spread.  There are definitely pros and cons of CNG cars, but the pros heavily outweigh the cons.  Natural gas is by far the cleanest burning fuel available today, which equates to a cleaner environment.  What is best of all is the price of natural gas.  The cost of compressed natural gas is about half the price of regular gasoline.  One reason for the lower cost is the fact that there is an abundance of it right where we live.  With newer innovative ways to tap gas found in shale and other types of rock, natural gas production has increased by about 20% over the past five years.  There are also government incentives in place to encourage the production of CNG cars. 

Honda has been the forerunner when it comes to the sale of natural gas cars. Their Honda Civic GX has been on the market in America for 12 straight years. That’s right! Honda is that much ahead of the curve. When you consider what Europe has done, they are far ahead of the United States in offering many choices of CNG cars for sale. If you lived in Europe, you would have at least a dozen different models to choose from.  But CNG is finally coming into its own and is starting to catch on in this great US of A. There are a lot of natural gas vehicles on our roads today, and that number is increasing day by day. As more people see the advantages of natural gas cars, the more automakers will produce them. 

Until 2011, the GX was only commercially produced for non-fleet customers in four states; California, Utah, Oklahoma, and New York. As of October of 2011 the GX is now marketed in 35 states throughout the United States and is currently available in all 50 states for CNG fleet sales. It is being manufactured in Honda's Greensburg, Indiana plant.

The Cost Of CNG Cars

Currently, the price of the Civic GX is about $10,500 higher than a comparable car with a gasoline engine.  The Honda Civic GX starts at around $26,305, compared to the Civic Hybrid at $24,200. The basic Civic Coupe has an MSRP of $15,755.  As production of CNG cars increases, the price differential will also decline.

CNG Car Mileage

The 2012 Civic GX has a city MPG of 27 and a highway MPG of 38. Based on these figures, depending on the driving habits, a full tank will provide between 215 and 310 miles. When comparing MPG with gasoline cars, there is very little difference. Hybrid cars provide about 15% better gas mileage than CNG MPG, but hybrids continue to contribute to our air pollution.

Used CNG Cars For Sale

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a used CNG car is that the engines hold up really well. This is due to how clean natural gas burns. It isn’t uncommon to get up to 500,000 miles out of a CNG engine. When looking for used CNG cars for sale you have more to choose from than just Honda Civic GX models. This is because many cars have been converted from gasoline to natural gas. If you’re interested in converting your car to natural gas, check out this link. As with any used car, look for other signs of wear and tear as well. The engine isn’t the only expensive component in a car.

CNG Cars For Sale - California

California is one of the 35 states where the average consumer can buy a new Honda Civic GX. These CNG cars are for sale in California. Also keep in mind that there are many other CNG cars for sale that have been converted to natural gas.

Other Natural Gas Vehicles For Sale

There have been a lot of compressed natural gas vehicles on the road for some years now. Unless you were a business person you wouldn’t have been in the market for most of them until now. A large percentage of transit buses have already been switching over to CNG along with a lot of larger trucks. Large companies such as UPS are switching their fleets to natural gas as they come up for replacement. This is also true with many of the larger cities who are replacing garbage trucks and other utility trucks.

At last, there are new CNG pickups for sale along with bi-fuel pickup trucks for sale that are designed to run on both gasoline and natural gas. Chrysler, GM and Ford have all introduced heavy duty CNG pickups in both markets for the average consumer.

Governors Urge Manufacturers - Produce More CNG Cars

According to a recent Forbes article, two governors met with Detroit automakers, asking them to produce more natural gas vehicles. Mary Fallin, governor of Oklahoma and John Hickenlooper, governor of Colorado met with GM, Chrysler, and Ford urging them to gear up their production of these CNG vehicles. 

Governor Hickenlooper told the Forbes reporter, “if we had 20% of the country’s vehicles running on natural gas, that helps everybody.” According to the report, there are 13 states willing to sign onto an agreement with the automakers to buy thousands of CNG vehicles, replacing their fleets with these cleaner burning cars and trucks. The hope of these 13 states is to create enough momentum to “justify the investment as a win-win for everyone.”

The Forbes writer quoted Hickenlooper, “Chrysler told us they need to sell several thousand CNG vehicles” to make their investment economically possible. He went on to say, “To us that seems doable. It does to them, too.” The other states that are ready to move forward with this listed alphabetically are Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

According to Hickenlooper, the timing is good since many states had to delay fleet purchases over the past few years due to budget problems. This, along with the recent discoveries of abundant additional sources of natural gas in the US make the timing perfect. He said, “If you can aggregate the demand, we think there will be a large order coming in….It’s like a snowball going down a hill: once you get a few states to purchase cars, the costs come down….I don’t think anybody has done this before.” 

There is a buying group that represents these states called the National Association of State Procurement. The governors are anticipating a multi-state bid for the purchase of thousands of these CNG vehicles. Once the agreement is in place it could still take a couple of years until these CNG cars and trucks start rolling off the production line.

This bold move by 25% of our state governors may be the catalyst that makes other manufacturers offer new CNG cars for sale to the average consumer. Initially they may only offer them under fleet sales, but will eventually have natural gas cars for sale for you and me. It may take two or more years to actually see these cars available to the consumer, but it moves us considerably closer to that goal. As we see more CNG vehicles for sale, this will necessitate the installation of more fueling stations, which in turn, will move the process forward even more.